Choosing Tattoo Removal Or A Cover-Up

There is a big demand for tattoo removal, because of the increasing number of people who at one point got a tattoo, only later to find out that they regret. There are so many reasons this can happen, such as being a part of a gang in your youth and later disassociating from that part of your life. And of course, many people find it initially romantic to put their partner’s name on their body—until that relationship ceases to exist.

There have always been procedures and techniques employed in removing tattoos in the past, but only recently, with the introduction of laser surgery, has effective removal of tattoos really been possible. The laser process is not an instant, quick fix. Neither is it cheap. And no matter what, the results cannot be guaranteed, so it is important to understand that there are some other practical alternatives.

The first realization you will want to come to is that you definitely do want the tattoo removed. There is an irony in that people usually are more certain that they want a tattoo removed then they were in getting one in the first place. One of the major reasons people seek out tattoo removal is that the attachment that they once had to the person or event is not longer valid. Many of these situations involve gangs or partners. We cannot predict what events will lose their significance as we move through our lives.

Once you are absolutely certain that tattoo removal is the best choice, you will want to research and decide on the method. Old methods such as dermabrasion are usually best forgotten about because of the pain level and because damage to the skin is too severe. Today the choices usually come down to laser surgery or removal creams, which are easy to procure. While laser surgery claims a high success rate, the use of removal creams is still controversial.

A tattoo removal cream can lighten a tattoo, making its overall appearance fainter, but it cannot completely remove all evidence of a tattoo. This might be a consideration if you are intending to use a cover-up tattoo laid over the remains of the original. If you complete several applications, the tattoo may become more difficult to see, but several applications of cream involve considerable expense as well. You will want to compare those results with that of a laser treatment, which has a greater probability for a complete removal.

The main alternative to the actual removal of a tattoo is having it covered up. This might be a good choice if you are not averse to having a tattoo on the particular part of the body, and if you desperately wish to obscure the one you have now. There are some limitations to this process, which would be related to the nature of the original design, but also in realizing that you will usually wind up with a darker tattoo, as you cannot use a light ink over a dark one. However, if the primary objective is to change an offending tattoo into one which will not offend, this should hardly be a problem. The results will also be quick, unlike those of tattoo removal.


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