Tattoo Removal By Excision Is Rarely Used

One of the oldest methods for removing a tattoo is excision. However, this has pretty much been replaced with newer methods which are much better alternatives, considering that it is such a painful and dangerous form of surgery. That is not to say that modern laser surgery is painless, as it too involves a certain amount of pain, especially if the tattoo is in a sensitive skin area. For some people laser surgery is simply not an option, due to problems with skin pigmentation, so some older treatment methods still survive.

Regardless of the method you choose, a surgical method of tattoo removal is not a procedure to be taken lightly and should be treated as you would in approaching any other surgical operation. The skin is the largest organ of the body and a sensitive one that should be treated with respect. Before you make a decision and book appointments for tattoo removal, make sure that you have researched and considered all of your options. There are other alternatives you might not have been aware of, such as creams, Rejuvi treatments, and cover-up tattoos.

Once you are decided on a course of permanent removal, having explored all of the possibilities, you will need to choose your method. In the vast majority of cases, modern laser treatment will be the right choice. If you choose dermabrasion, you will need to endure your skin being sanded as if it were a piece of wood. The treatment is extremely painful and leaves permanent scarring. Excision is scarcely any better, as it involves the removal of a piece of skin, and the sewing together of what remains.

Laser treatments have developed to where they come in different guises, some of which are more suitable for different skin types than others. It is quite rare to find a situation where no laser treatment can be done. Should this happen to be the case, however, excision is still a choice to consider. As this involves removal of skin, it is obviously much more suited to smaller areas than large ones. But because of its nature, it will involve some scarring—this cannot be avoided.

Should you be considering excision tattoo removal, you would want to spend some time finding the right surgeon to attempt this procedure. This can be a challenge, as this treatment is now quite rare. If you do find a clinic which offers tattoo removal, more than likely, it will specialize in laser treatment. In many cases the practitioners will never have experienced an excision treatment. This is a process which requires the skill of a trained surgeon, which you are more likely to encounter in a hospital. Before you go ahead, make sure to ask questions and get referrals from previous clients, if that is possible. It is helpful to have these kinds of reassurances when you are tackling such a major surgery event; one such as excision tattoo removal.


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